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Service Bulletin SB121817 – Aerodyne Semi-stowless Deployment Bag Replacement Program


Today Aerodyne has issued a Mandatory Service Bulleting related to their Semi-stowless deployment bags. Please read the attached information below.


With the use of semi-stowless bags, there are variables that affect the controlled deployment of parachute suspension lines, including canopy size selection & materials, line types, packing techniques, etc.


As more of Aerodyne's customers have ordered semi-stowless bags, they have received some non-specific reports of variations in opening characteristics, including harder than expected openings, and now have received a few reports of line snags that have happened on the container while using the semi-stowless bag. This is a new situation they have not seen on the thousands of Icon containers equipped with the standard traditional elastic stow closure.


Based on these reports, Aerodyne has performed additional tests on the design of this semi-stowless bag in different conditions. These conditions accounted for a wide variety of variables such as canopy sizes related to the bag size, types of canopy fabrics, types of lines, opening speeds, and more importantly a variation of canopy packing techniques that we understand are used in the field. Through this additional testing we have determined that conditions can exist causing a premature release of lines from the bag.


As a result, they have developed an improved semi-stowless bag design that better addresses these issues. To improve performance and safety for customers using the original semi-stowless design, Aerodyne is offering the latest version and upgrading all Aerodyne original semi-stowless bags for customers.

Please read the information in Service Bulletin and FAQ document.

How this works

To make the process of the mandatory exchange easier Aerodyne has established 4 regional exchange centers (see list below) to help as much as possible with coordination.  

With this exchange, Aerodyne is requiring the user to register your semi-stowless bag on their website. Then Aerodyne can send your bag to the closest regional exchange center. Once Aerodyne receive the bag they will send out an upgraded bag as soon as one matching your size is available. They will have a built-up stock of various sizes to start the exchange program. Based on the return rate and size variation, and noting that they expect about 500 bags in 10 different sizes, it could take up to a few
weeks to replace your bag.

WINGSTORE can assist you by coordinating your registration, collecting the old bag and shipping it to the exchange center and delivering your new bag once available.

Regional Exchange Centers


To aid in the process of distribution, after registration old bags – with a copy of the registration – can be returned to the nearest exchange center to you. Once received Aerodyne will process a replacement and sent within two weeks


North and South America (USA Canada, Mexico, South America)

Aerodyne Research LLC,

1407 Flightline Blvd, Unit 14, Deland FL 32724



Aerodyne Research Europe c/o Herman Landsman

Hoofdweg 101 Decocksdrop Netherlands JC 1795



Mee Loft c/o Koppel Solomon

84 Park Rd, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102


Rest of World (Africa, Far East)

Aerodyne Research Manufacturing

15 Marshall Dr., Unit 3, Crawford Mini Factories Mount Edgecombe, South Africa 4300

Aerodyne's goal, as is WINGSTORE's, is to ensure our customers have the best equipment possible.